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Post Info TOPIC: Scrambled Eggs / Other Human Food.

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Scrambled Eggs / Other Human Food.

  Just the other day, at breakfast,"Sam" who just turned 4 months, managed to get ahold of a paper plate full of scrambled eggs and four pieces of toast.
By the time I came to the table, the doorbell rang, the plate was on the floor and "SAMMY BOY" was enjoying himself, eating with a frenzy, yet with a modicum of "CLASS"!!! LOL!!!!
  My question is how healthy and is this a bad thing to have done, should I have taken the plate away, considering he was already half done.?!  Is there any particular human food that he/Boxers can eat that is healthy and good for him!!  He is also a finicky eater when it comes to feeding time and the
regular dog food comes out.  Is this due to the fact he's tasted human food
i.e. giving him pieces of steak, eggs, and salami, honestly that is all of human food which I've given SAM.  Any opinions and diets are asked for and welcomed very much, I appreciate it and look forward to reading your advice.



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I don't know what Kibble you are feeding Sam.
A Quality Kibble is really all that's necessary.
Some dogs are finicky eaters and some are chow hounds.
I've found out that if they are used to getting some extras added into their dish to entice them to eat, they will wait it out for the better stuff.
My rule of thumb is, 5 minutes down and if it's not eaten, it's picked up and presented at the next feeding.
I do make home made chicken broth, (thighs, carrots, celery pureed) that is added (2 TBSP) to their dishes at meal times.
Very rarely do they get people food of any kind.


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Beverly's reply was great. I will add to not give Sam the salami. Only because it is greasy and has lots of sodium. No, it won't kill him. But he doesn't need it .

My Brandi is a picky eater. I have had to experiment with different kibbles to find what she likes. She also gets some home cooking as I have always done with my Boxers.

You can mix some scrambled eggs and such in their kibble with warm water. Perhaps that will help Sam enjoy his food.

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I 100% agree w/Beverly -- great post!

My parents have an obese Border Collie/Beagle mix (Bella) & going along with her BC genes, she's by far no dumby! *hehe* I've told my Dad time & time again to stop feeding her everything he eats (but to no avail). She will rarely eat her food if he doesn't put something "good" on top of it (sauce & the such)! *sighs* And he wonders why she's so darn fat! It really sickens me. He loves her to death, but he's not willing to abide by obvious rules of thumb when it comes to feeding her! He really IS loving her to death! She's had a seizure on more than one occasion! What does that tell you?
They've purchased the Pedigree brand of dog food for overweight dogs (I have to say, I really don't like this brand, simply b/c through my experience, all it does is make your dogs' stool loose)... but that's not going to help if he doesn't stop feeding her what he eats! Sheesh!! I love my Dad, but he's rather ignorant when it comes to this subject. And on top of the extras he gives her, she also receives a ton of treats every day to boot (those T Bonz treats)! I told him to limit her to just one treat & he looked at me like I was retarded! Am I the only one that thinks a treat a day is all a dog needs (if that, really - what ever happened to a good ol' healthy raw bone to chew on)?! His argument was, well what if she's does something good?... I said - you've already trained her, she knows what to do - you don't need to give her a treat to reinforce it... a simple praise will do! *shakes head*


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Yeah With foxy I was giving him people food.. then I relized that was a huge mistake... Oh it was bad.. I took him camping.... we were eating cat fish.. he was begging and pestering.. so we gave him some cat fish.. few hours later.. off to bed we go about 4 hours later.. I woke up.. the whole tent smelled like poo.. oh man it was bad.. woke up turned on the light.. he had pooped about twice by the tent door and walked in it.. walked on my clothes and his bed and hid under a pile of cloths in the corner of the tent.. so I had to get up get dressed and clean out my tent in the dark and cold and air it out.. lesson learned no more people food.. now all they get is the occasional eggs or meat mixed in or maybe some broth... phew no more of that...

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No greasy stuff as it can bring on an acute pancreatitis attack.


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I've been told that raw veggies and SOME fruit is good for treats like baby carrots, broccolie, apple slices, I know ther are some more but not sure right off the top of my head.

However, do some reasearch before giving your dog fruits. Some fruits such as rasins, grapes, and prunes can casue renal failure. Oh yea! Onions are bad too.


Have a happy day!

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