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Post Info TOPIC: Climate of Fear in Maine

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Climate of Fear in Maine

More from the crowd that promises to *force us* to be kind to animals. They will, of course, be in charge of defining what "kind" is and will be using the long arm of law enforcement to terrify anyone who doesn't see it exactly as they do.
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Gina's Story: Climate of Fear in Maine
Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:25 pm (PST)
We've all heard stories from across the state about harassment and
intimidation from the Animal Welfare Department. I've heard dozens
of these stories, but they were always second-hand. Second-hand is
hearsay, and we can't work on that.
Today, for the first time, someone contacted me with a first-hand
story that is deeply disturbing.
Gina is a young mom with five kids in Freeport, ME. Gina's husband
is a commercial lobsterman. They had a family Labrador retriever
named "Riley". Riley meant the world to their 10 year old daughter.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday Riley got hold of a ham bone and
ingested a large piece. Gina quickly took the dog to the Freeport
Animal Hospital. The dog was clearly in distress.
Dr. Carolyn Radding, DVM, examined Riley. Dr. Radding was horrified
to discover that Riley had fleas and the allergic skin reaction that
some dogs get with fleas. Dr. Radding railed against Gina and told
her she was guilty of animal abuse because of the fleas.
Gina was embarrassed and ashamed. Gina tried to explain to Dr.
Radding that she would take care of the fleas, but could the Dr.
please help Riley? Dr. Radding responded that it would cost $5,000
to help Riley. Gina was embarrassed and ashamed again to explain
that she didn't have that kind of money.
Desperate to save her dog, Gina asked Dr. Radding for alternatives.
Dr. Radding instructed Gina to take Riley home, feed him chicken
broth, and call her the next day.
Gina stayed up all night with Riley. He was getting worse.
Gina called Dr. Radding early the next day as instructed. The
hospital staff acted strangely when Gina called. Dr. Radding was not
available to talk to her. Gina was told that Dr. Radding would get
back to her.
Suddenly there was a knock at Gina's door. The Freeport Police were
at her door with State Humane Agent Jennifer Howlett. Howlett
demanded that Gina immediately surrender Riley or face FELONY animal
cruelty charges. Gina surrendered Riley to Howlett.
Gina tried to explain to her young children.
A day or two later Gina had another knock at her door. It was Child
Protection Services. They informed Gina that Jennifer Howlett had
filed a complaint of child abuse against Gina.
Child Protection Services found no child abuse in Gina's home.
Gina asked permission to visit Riley. When she saw him days later,
he had been given a flea bath. Riley had still not been treated for
the large bone he ingested. Riley had deteriorated badly.
I asked Gina if she would be comfortable talking to a reporter. She
said yes. I put Gina in touch with Sharon Mack of the Bangor Daily
Sharon Mack needs to know that Gina's story is not an isolated
incident. I have Sharon's permission to share her contact
Sharon Mack, Reporter, Bangor Daily News
207-487-3187 office
207-631-4904 cell
If you know someone who has experienced anything like this from the
Animal Wefare Department, please encourage that person to contact
Sharon Mack directly. These must be first-hand accounts. No hearsay.
If you know someone who has experienced something like this, but they
are not comfortable talking to a reporter, please encourage that
person to call me. I'll talk to them anytime.
Permission is granted to cross-post.
Jay Kitchener
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OMG that is horrifying! I have to admit, I would also be a bit distressed (to say the very least) at finding fleas - but for the vet to then basically refuse to treat, and not suggest true treatment alternatives HOLY SH*T!

And then for the authorities to sieze the dog, and STILL not treat?! WTH is our world coming to? I've got to tell you, I teared up at this one.



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This is pure Bull Crap.................That Vet should be drummed out of town with the whole lot of idiots who really did nothing to help this poor Dog or it's family!!


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I know this is an older post. but i recently had  a terrible incident with animal welfare.  With the same women Jenifer Howlett. Many very similar details to the story posted here. I dont want to go into details in a public forum. If anyone reads this please private message me

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