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Post Info TOPIC: unknown sickness of my 2 yr boxer
tiffany and brewski

unknown sickness of my 2 yr boxer

My male boxer brewski has been sick for the past month. He is at the vet at least once a week, and we still cannot figure out whats wrong with him. About a month ago, he started acting depressed like and had a kind of limp in his left back leg. He would yelp sometimes when he got up, but it wasnt everytime. We took him to the vet and they put him on pain pills, thinking that maybe he just hurt his leg. He seemed to get better but when the pills ran out, he went back to sleeping all time and depressed like again. Lately, even though he is back on the pills, he has still been sleeping all the time and shows no curiosity in anything. His back leg has gotten worse over time. when he gets up, his back legs will start to shake and then sometimes just give out. His balance is off too. Sometimes he will just fall over on his left side, the same side that the leg problems started on. The vet did a CBC blood test, everything is normal. They also ran a panel to check his organs, they are all fine too. We are waiting on the thyroid test which should be back tomorrow, but i have a feeling thats not it either. Right before and right after his legs give out, he will have very visible muscle spasms in his back legs. I have stopped giving him long daily walks, because I do not want to stress him out, but I will take him on little short ones up and down the street. He prances and seems more curious than when hes in the house or backyard, and shows no signs of pain. He will also get sprits of energy and run or trot around after me or our other boxers in the house or backyard. His up-to-date on all of his shots, gets his heartworm pills every month, he is eating and going to the bathroom fine, and he is gaining weight. He has always been a skinny dog, but when he first started showing signs of being sick, he dropped about 5lbs. So I am hopefull that the weight gain is good, even if its only a 1 or 2 pounds a week. He is at about 60lbs right now, and was always a healthy dog. He is on a great (and very expensive) brand of food, he always has had plenty of exercise and energy. I am very worried about him, and I dont know what to do. If anyone has had a boxer with these syptoms, please let me know. My vet and I are working together to see what it might be and how we can help him. He is not really showing signs of pain, but I dont know if thats because of the pills or the fact that he might not be feeling anything. His 2nd birthday is on july 15th, and for such a young healthy dog to be this sick, its unsettling. Please help. Thanks
Tiffany and Brewski

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